Changing URI for an existing device... yamaha rcvr

I am trying to change my IP address that is against one of my yamaha receivers. In the designer (windows 10), I tried opening the device in the explorer panel then changing the ip address there in. It changes in the subsequent properties panel. I save the change but when I hit run, the subsequent run session, button presses fail with “invalid musiccast operation”… :frowning: When I stop and go back into edits, opening the device, the ip address is back at the previous value (which is now wrong for the current network). The value that was inserted is no where to be found. Is this not a valid method for re-configuring a device if you have a network change? Hopefully I don’t have delete the device to reset the IP address that is used “everywhere”.
Thanks for any help or guidance on this.

Have you tried to save the hrp file with another name, so you don’t just click save.

Thanks for the suggestion / direction. I did do the “save as” type save as I usually increase a “tail identifier” in the name to help keep track of some sort of “visual versioning”. That didn’t work… :frowning: But on your suggestion, I totally renamed the “save as” file and that captured the change. I guess there is some form of windows / THR parsing along the way caused some sort of confusion… OR maybe I don’t know what I am doing in some of the systems… :-). My technique was to click on the old file name which causes an “autofill” in the “save as” panel and then append / change my “appendix id” to something new. That appears to not work correctly.
Anyway, the change is now made and works as expected.

Thanks again for the suggestion.

well… it took a few more steps… :slight_smile:

The file worked fine in windows but not so much in the android device… :frowning: Basically, there seems to be some sort of network / label pointer in cache or otherwise that is causing an issue. I normally start up THR and then go into the settings and do a “restore” to get a new file to run. This doesn’t work as a “cache” somewhere has a label that still points to the old network address. The difference in errors is before the system would complain about an invalid musiccast command because the IP that it had was an old ip (105). Now, doing my method of “restore”, the system shows “105” against the device / label and the result is an error of “unreachable” which seemed strange (although not unexpected as its the wrong ip) since the tablet can reach the yamaha via browser at “135” ip. Clearing cache didn’t seem to help as restarting THR app brings up the original “linkage”. I had to clear storage to get back to a “base THR” screen (ie. empty setup and then do a restore of the new file. This finally worked. Again, I probably am not doing things totally “in line” but I guess it is what it is… especially when one gets to a good endpoint.