ComboBox with event trigger


I’m trying to get comboBox item triggers to work but for some reason I cannot.

My situation: I would like to run an scene (Homeseer event) by selecting a combo box item. For this I would like to use event triggers that can be found under the combo box Items-collection. However, I could not get that to work so I tried it simpler, to be able to just use one ComboBox item event trigger to turn one lamp on (…corner_light.HSStatus). Unfortunately without luck.

my question: is the combobox/Items/Event trigger working or do I have an issue with my thinking or settings?

Attaching here an image which shows all relevant fields.

Thank you for help!

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I just tried to replicate your setup and I had similar difficulties when trying to use the trigger builder within the Items_Collection screen as you detailed. Instead, I utilized the “SelectedValue” option to bind the value selected in the dropdown to a global variable. I then referenced that same global variable in a number of event triggers at the control level. I didn’t have any real devices in this test project so I’m just calling some nonexistant “dostuffX” devices. You should be able to see how it works in this attached example.

ComboBoxExample.hrp (129.8 KB)

Hi Brian,

Thank you so much for the effort and sharing the example. It sounds like a good idea and will try it with my setup and report how it goes.

Kind regards