Command line API

I own the Home Remote. Great software and works perfectly!
Can you add a command line API? Especially for Logitech harmony!

Hi and welcome,

If you wanting to send a http or tcp command with a button press you could probably write a small plugin to do it?


Hi thanks.
I use the regular app (the home remote designer is too compliacted to design).
Actually I want to send the application a command to execute such as:
HomeRemote -start harmony_activity
To start a logitech hub activity.

Also a plugin for Elgato Stream Deck would be amazing!

Ah, in which case you need native integration. The designer can look a bit daunting at first but once you get the hang of it it’s fine. There is a harmony api but I’m not sure if it’s still working, it would need a plugin though.

Some info I found here : harmonyhub-api - npm