Connection Issues

I’m a new user and have been working on my first home remote. I started last fall before the upgrade; heard an upgrade was coming and stopped working on a remote. I just picked it back up a few weeks ago and am pleased with the progress so far. I am designing my own pages and have been successful with making connections and triggering events - using Homeseer and several Global Cache devices. However, the time it takes to connect to see the status/control devices seems pretty long. What should I expect?/Did I do something wrong in setting up the remote? At a minimum it seems to take about 15 seconds to connect - if it even does. There are times when I can wait 5 minutes without ever successfully connecting. I thought maybe it had to do with wifi coverage in my home, but I can be standing in front of the router with the same result. Any ideas?

It should not take that long to connect. Especially for those devices you’ve listed since they all support local connections. Which device specifically is taking this long? It’s very unlikely they are all experiencing this issue. Please include the model number if you can.

There were a lot of changes to both the Global Cache & HomeSeer devices since you 1st started. I am a little worried your HomeSeer device may be trying to connect to a bad MyHS URL. Try removing & readding it using the new dialog. If you only plan on using this in your home, consider unchecking the MyHS option & only supplying the IP address of the controller.


Thanks for your reply - I wish I could better pinpoint the why of its behavior, but I would say that about half of the time I have a 10-15 sec wait (or longer - last night I couldn’t get it to connect at all as I moved around the house and repeatedly gave up after five minutes). And the other half it works as I would expect; near instant connection. I did start completely over with a new remote several weeks ago. I could tell it was different enough that it wouldn’t be worth trying to bring any old projects to the new version…so I started completely over. It does seem like it is Homeseer that gets hung up (I’m running a HomeTroller-SEL PRO). Several of the Global Cache commands also have homeseer commands that get fired at the same time (using the same button), so I sometimes get a timeout message when I try to fire a GC command. The Home Remote is installed on a pair of Apple XS devices. At any rate, I am turning off the myhs (I am only using this around the house) and will see if that helps. It is bizarre behavior for sure…I’ll give it a few days and see if things don’t improve.