Continue in Background Mode / Run as Service

As discussed here, when using primarily cloud-based devices the refresh time when turning on the screen of the device is long and inconsistent enough to be annoying (anywhere from near-instant to 5 seconds in my experience with SmartThings). This likely can’t be sped up by the app since the cloud services communicate at the speed they feel like, but if Home Remote was kept “open” such that it does not need to reset and refresh, the speed would not be an issue as it would constantly be in sync.

Intended function of new feature:

  • Have a setting within the app that allows the user to keep Home Remote running in the background, including when the screen is off or in Daydream (similar to Tasker and other “run always” type apps).
  • When screen is turned on, all tiles should have maintained their states.
  • While screen is off, tiles should maintain synchronization (ie if a light is toggled while the screen is off, the tile will be in the correct state when the screen is turned back on).

This would primarily be for people using their devices as permanent installations that don’t require battery optimizations etc.