Control dimmer and volume with buttons

How do I control a dimmer level or device volume with buttons (+,-) instead of sliders? I added an Event Trigger with Event is Clicked and Action is device binding that I set to be @Device.Level or @Device.Volume but what do I put in the Value field?

In the case of volume, it would either be VolumeUp or VolumeDown I believe. You can set button type as β€œRepeat” as well if desired.

Change the Operator to either β€œ+=” or β€œ-=” & in the Value field you will enter the amount you wish to increment/decrement.

Or, as Ron stated, you can use the VolumeUp & VolumeDown in the Value fields but then you will need to change the Binding to @Device.MediaCommand

Thank you guys. I will try this with the dimmers, too, only change the binding to @Device.Level

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