Control for venetian blinds

I have Hubitat and have several 2" wide slat venetian blinds into which I have installed ZWave iBlind tilt motors. In Hubitat the control tile is a slider; so fslide fully left is close down, middle is open and fully to the right is close up. On THR iOS app the tile that is presented when adding the device is a normal up down (roller blind?) control ie an up arrow and a down arrow. The parameters of the iBlind device are set so that up or open = tilt 50% and the down arrow closes the slats down. At present, in bright (extreme) sunlight we have closed the blinds up to better block the sun. Is there a way of changing the control tile on THR app to a slider?


Update: THe iOS app does have the slider I was looking for - its accessed on a second pop up tile if the tile is clicked upon.