Control / view mutliple devices of the same type with one tile

I would like to group devices into one tile so I can for example open the blinds of multiple windows with one button and without creating a scene.
It is probably possible with a custom tile but I think this could easily be a designer feature.
So what I’m thinking is in the designer where devices are in a group, select multiple of the same type and right click -> combine.

Sensor tile would be different, not sure what is possible to maybe get them in a 6x2 tile.
For motion you could set a single icon, “motion downstairs” for example.

Why don’t you want to use a scene? It’s a great feature for what you want to accomplish.

Because scenes are good for complex things, but just controlling multiple devices is too much of a hassle.
It would also mean that it will be accessible for more users that don’t want to start programming scripts / scenes just to control 2 devices instead of one.