CornerRadius on Tile?

When defining buttons, I use CornerRadius and the buttons look great. I did not see this property on Tile. In the deviceBrowser I’d like to use a CornerRadius on all tiles but did not find it in the tile definition. Is there a way to do it on tile ?

No. There is not a Tile property that’ll make round corners.

While there may not be a property for corner radius on the tiles, you can modify your templates by adding a button to ack as the background and border. In the properties of this button, uncheck IsHitTestVisible (so it no longer works as a button). And, you’ll want to make sure it is behind the other objects in the template (in the Outline window, right-click - Send to Back)

CW did this and it looks quite nice…

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Hummm for sure I will make some tests with it and check the video. That make sense.

Thank’s for your answer.

Edited: I tried and it works fine, thank’s.