CW's Version 1.0 dashboard based on "Groups"


Here is my first attempt at an Imperihome app dashboard replacement using Home Remote, I still have some small glitches and issues, but overall its finished ish…

For reference here was my Imperihome dashboard.

I have used the Groups pages, as that seemed like the quicker way to get up and running and have a menu / navigational structure and pages / tiles created for me.

However there is a big BUT…

I have spent days and days and days, learning Home Remote to the point I am at now, which is still rookie level.

I have customised most of the tiles and detail tiles to either change their appearance or their functionality somewhat and what information they display etc. I created all my own icons, as I couldn’t find any matching icon sets.

When you look at the screen shots and watch the new video it doesn’t really look like that much more, when compared to the earlier video here and the default tiles, it obviously better, but the hours of work required was it worth it? … many many hours have gone in to getting my dashboard to what you see in the new video.

I am using my 7 inch Lenovo tablet for the below screen shots.

Yes Home Remote is very powerful and fully customizable, if you are a coder or developer or smart Wiz kid and this type of thing comes naturally to you.
But its not an app you can just pickup and have a decent looking dashboard within a few hours or an afternoon like Imperihome. Anyway I’m sure you more experienced guys have forgotten the big learning curve…

Overall I am happy with Home Remote so far and its the best dashboard app I have found post Imperihome. I just wish it had of been a lot easier and faster to get to where I am now with it.

Bill is an amazing developer and his interactions with the community are one of the things that makes Home Remote great no doubt.

In Version 2.0 if I ever have the time again or the will power LOL, I’d like to create a dashboard not using the Groups and maybe have something looking like this:



Nice work! There’s nothing special about any interface that can be created in an evening. A front-end is the part that everyone sees (and hopefully uses), so why shouldn’t it be the part where the most time is spent. For me, the hardest part was getting all my AV devices integrated. It took me days/weeks of studying/testing the Russound RNET protocol just to get my feedback working from my CAV controller. That is only one of the few examples of something that hasn’t been done (or shared that I could find). Once all your devices are brought in, you can make a layout that is only hindered by your creativity. I can already tell you have that creativity…

Looking forward to your Ver.2.0 and stealing ideas from you! Keep at it!

Are you controlling AV devices (TVs, receivers, ect…) or plan to?

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Thanks for the words of encouragement.

They are Logitech Harmony hubs so nothing too fancy.

Bill has built in some decent support for Harmony hubs and the default MediaControllerDetails.xaml page.

This remote control page, I didn’t make it, the system did it automatically.

For each Harmony activity like HTPC, Watch TV, FireTV etc, when I click on those tiles in Home Remote I get a remote control page like that.

I did have to change and tweak what some of the buttons do however, but on the whole it works well.

To be honest I preferring having a remote control in my hand and have a Harmony remote handset in each room. But its nice to have control in the dashboard app as well.

That Kodi remote in HR, I’ll probably never use and it has issues, I can’t seem to get it working with multiple Kodi PCs properly. Works OK with my main Kodi PC in the lounge, except no images show at all for TV show episodes.

I have a few minor bugs to iron out in my Home Remote dashboard and hopefully Bill can add some of the features Imperihome had like a HTTP API for controlling the dashboard app from your HA controller.

Looks great… love the Kodi page :slight_smile:

That is so great !
I am worried that I may die before I finish.
Looking at yours blows me away.
It would take me forever !

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