Crowd Funded Requests

Hello Everyone,

For those of us who love HR and see the potential it has along with the great support that Bill gives us all, I figured I start this Crowd Funded Request Topic as I realized a while back this was done for certain integration requests that had high demand but was not yet in scope for HR. If anyone has an integration request that would really love to see if it can be pushed in front of the line I believe this can be a good way to incentivize and motivate Bill to get it pushed out sooner.

Bill if you agree with this, let us know and any details on how we can set this up.

Financial incentive always helps! I’d say, create a topic in the Feature Requests category as you guys have been doing. Maybe in the posts add something like “P.S. I’ll contribute X amount of dollars to make this happen”. Recently, I’ve just let people send the contributions to The Home Remote PayPal link. When donations are contingent on a specific feature being added, just be sure to wait to send the money until I’ve given the go ahead.

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