Cycling through pages at interval

Hi, I was winding if it is possible to create some kind of event e.g. every 5min that would cycle through pages?

The point is to start on page one, cycle to the next page after 5 min (or 5min of inactivity - if you interact with the GUI the counter resets)

Any suggestions appreciated.

Not currently. I have mentioned plans to add support for an Idle event which would let you run a custom set of Actions after a certain period of inactivity.

Once that feature’s been added you should be able to do this.

Bill that sounds great. This feature will allow us to creat various pages each dedicated to e.g. a single room with monitor and action values. When nothing is happening I.e. page is idle, it can cycle through and show all pages every x min.

This will be a huge feature. Can’t wait to try it out.
Thx Peter