Danalock V3 status

Hi all,

I have issue with Danalock V3 status update on The Home Remote app. The Danalock is connected via Z-Wave to Vera Plus hub and from the hub there is a delay on Vera user interface updating the status and that may effect Home Remote but even Vera updates the status to correct state HR does not I have to manually update the app. Can I change some setting in HR to force to update the status every 2 sec? or is there anything else I can do to fix the issue?

Thank you in advance,

The Vera API should automatically notify us when the lock status changes by using its “dataversion” options. This works fantastic with my old Kwikset ZWave lock & Vera Lite. The API service sends the change notification almost instantly. I’ve got no idea why your Danalock would behave any differently than my setup. I myself am not really a fan of forced polling options to Vera. I wonder if there’s maybe something else going on that is preventing these notifications from happening. Is it only your Danalock that you are having issues with? Do your other Vera connected devices update correctly in Home Remote?

Hi Bill, Thank you for your reply I have issue with Danalock and Cameras but those devices communicate on different protocols so I think is two separate issues. Any suggestions how to fix it?

Do you have the latest firmware installed? What version are you running?

Version 1.7.1040 is the latest for my VeraLite. I don’t know what the latest is for Vera Plus. My guess is that it’ll be at least that or maybe even newer. Definitely shouldn’t be lower than that.

If you’ve got the latest firmware & it still isn’t working, I can take a look at it if you want. Email me your file so I can connect & troubleshoot. Make sure you have “EnableCloudAccess” checked because I will not be able to remotely connect using your private IP address. Also, give me a time window to test locking & unlocking. I would like to send those commands to see how your controller responds. My email is support@thehomeremote.com