Data/Event Triggers

I am using the Vera controller with a number of switches etc and they are loaded as devices in the designer.
Is it possible to drag & drop these devices onto switches on the screen (I’m probably being very optimistic here!)
I have watched the videos and in particular the one about toggle switches, but I am not sure what info to use for the triggers.
I am attaching info from one device (Landing switch). I have tried various combinations using data/event trigger, but cannot get the device to switch on/off using the simulator.
Thank you for any advice.

In the video, Brian uses a Mute variable. For a standard Switch, substitute On/Off where he uses Muted/Unmuted.

You need to set the Value to On for your Checked EventTrigger.

Thank you.
The toggle switch is now switching the light on/off, but the status/position of the toggle does not change if the switch is actioned by the switch itself. I have used the data triggers as in the tutorial. Any suggestions?

That means there’s probably a configuration error with your data triggers. Can you post some screenshots of both the DataTriggers & the Setters?

Just like the EventTriggers, you have to use On/Off values instead of Muted/Unmuted.

Or if you want to email me your project, I can take a look at what you have to see if I can find any potential issues.

The other thing, add a Label to your page that shows the actual status of the switch (just like Brian does at the 1:40 mark in video). If the Label isn’t updating then it probably has nothing to do with your DataTriggers. It could be that you don’t have the latest firmware installed on your Vera controller.

Thank you Bill. I have a number of simple switches up and running now.
Is it possible to simply add devices like Nest/Ecobee thermostats to a page in designer, or is it necessary to start re-inventing these devices from scratch ?

Templates for every device are available in the Templates folder. You can use those templates with the Designer’s Group navigation. If you do not like the Group navigation, you can add them to custom pages by using DeviceBrowsers & PageBrowsers. You do not need to redesign those templates. They are already in the project.

How can I add my Nest thermostats to a group?

Nest products are not currently supported. You can vote for it in the feature request section.