Deleted Page Still Exists

I deleted a page from my project and then tried to create a new page with the same name. It says the page already exists. I’ve searched through all the folders to see if it somehow got moved instead of deleted but I can’t find a file with the same name anywhere. I’ve also tried saving, closing and re-opening the project as well as completely exiting the designer and restarting. How can I find or remove the old reference?

There’s a chance it got removed from the tree in the Explorer but the file was never actually deleted. The HRP file is just a ZIP file renamed. Check the contents of the file with an archive utility like Windows Explorer or 7Zip to see if it’s still in the Pages directory. If it is, delete it & repackage the ZIP/HRP.

Yes, the file was still in the zip but not showing in the tree in the designer even after restarting the app. I deleted the file from the zip and I’m now able to rename my page as desired. Thanks!