Demopad compatibility


New here, I plan to install controller to replace my Harmony, want to deal with serial / IR / IP.

I know about global cache solutions, but have seen demopad control-c offering a tons of connections.

Drawback is their software which costs 150 per year… Crazy.

Would HR work with demopad gear?



Most of the times that people want to replace their Harmony, its because the remote is broken. But the Harmony Hub with the IR blasters are still working. There is a Harmony plugin in available, and I made my Home Remote use that Harmony hub.

There are a lot of plugins already and tons of native supported devices. I played with demopad a few years ago but found THR much better.

Welcome, Ben!
To expensive for what you get in my opinion. Scoop up a couple GC iTachs (or the Global Connect if you need rack mount) and call it a day.

Thanks to all.

For software, sure plan is to use THR.

I can have centro-c for 820€ on discount (I m French), and global connect GCRM/S32222RR at 850€.

So as the first one is offering more connections (I need minimum 3 serial + 3 IP + 3 IR, but maybe more in the future), I asked about THR compatibility with demopad device.

So is it feasible?