Denon and Spotify

A few years ago I had a Denon receiver and with my THR knowledge combined with good help from the community I managed to have a page I could control the Spotify functions with a separate media player with showing photos of the current album. I just de httpdenonclient. Last weekend I switched back to Denon and took my old HRP file to get it going again. The old HRP doesn’t work anymore and the old forum seems to have
Lost the old topic. Is there anyone out there who has the same functions and can give me a push in the right direction? Sample HRP perhaps?

The default devices & templates already allow you to view the current album & track info. That’s all part of the AudioTrackData capability. You don’t even need design any custom XAML files. Attributes from that capability are used in the files MediaPlayerTile.xaml & MediaPlayerDetails.xaml

This is assuming your Denon is 2012 or newer. If it’s an older model it probably will require a custom HTTP Client.

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Thx. Didn’t look at templates yet.