Denon AVR 4400H

I’m old school HR from 4 years ago. So now I am relearning everything, throwing out my original HR projects, and working to create my first project which will be a remote for this amp.
I’ve done a few bindings with the Denon device command set, but as I recall before, stuck on the power on/off routine. My Denon has 2 buttons. On/src and Off. In the devices list there is a command called switch. Is this the power command?
Some guidance on this function would be appreciated.

Yes, Switch On/Off is used as a discrete Power On/Off command.

Thank you for info. Unlike my actual remote which is 2 buttons, here I would use a toggle switch with 2 data actions?

For toggle you could use the MediaCommand capability with the PowerToggle command.

Check this link for more info about capabilities:

Just saw, I misunderstood your question. You can also create two buttons in THR, of course. One button for On with Switch value “on” and the other button with Switch value “off” as an Event Trigger when Clicked. So no Toggle switch needed.

Ok I will experiment with that. Baby steps learning THR all over again.
Thank you.