Designer connection to Global Cache Code Set

I no longer have the connection in Designer to the Global Cache Code sets. Any one have a suggestion on how to fix this? Is there a method for uninstalling and reinstalling designer and not screwing everything up?


Do you have the Global Cache loaded when you open the HRP file?

All of the Global Cache code set are in the hrp file when opened. The problem is when I try to load a new code set, the global Cache available sets don’t appear when I right click on the import box on the bottom of the window.

Are you not using the “add device” option when you right click on Global Cache?

That is what I am trying to do. When I right click nothing happens.

So you don`t get this screen? Do you see what you already added?

Just make a backup of your old HRP, and then add it again.

I get the screen above. I click add a device. On the next screen it says to right click on the Global Cache at the bottom of the screen. In the past it to you to the Global cashe codes. I think I corrupted my designer. The version I have installed is I don’t see that version on the downloads.

Thank you for your responses. It was operator error. I stepped through with the screen above and was able to connect to Global Cache code sets through the link.

Problem solved