Designer crashes when trying to publish to portable device

I dared to change my mobile phone and when trying to publish to it, via portable device it just freezes and crashes. It still has the path for the old phone for quick publish, which I am using in the interim but would like to eliminate this and publish direct to new phone.

I have uninstalled the designer and reinstalled but still continues to crash.

Apologies if this is a duplicate but found nothing under search relating to portable.

I just tested this feature on my Galaxy S9 & it is still working for me with

Try a different USB port. Try saving to a different folder as well. The “Downloads” folder usually doesn’t have accessibility issue so that would be a good one to try. Try reinstalling the device drivers as well.

If you can’t get the portable device working with your new phone you may need to use a different means of publishing. I don’t think that’s going to be something I can fix with a Home Remote update. Many nowadays use a cloud storage service like Dropbox. You can also email the files to yourself. That’ll work too.

Thank you Bill, the Portable device still crashes but I have copied and pasted the hrp file manually onto the device into the download folder and it now opens without error.