Designer performing sluggishly at times

Hi guys,

After working with THR fairly intensively for the past 6 weeks or so, my hrp file has grown to around 550 kB but the resulting functionality on IOS devices continues to be crisp and responsive (amazing as it has hundreds of bindings and triggers etc.)

However I am increasingly noting that the Designer is dragging down my windows performance to the point where I sometimes hardly can move my mouse pointer. It doesn’t seem to make a difference whether it is running in edit or sim mode. When this happens I look at task manager, but there is no significant CPU or memory usage going on there. The issue clearly goes away when Designer is closed.

I am on Win 10 pro v. 1909 with 16 gB of ram and not running much else than a few browser windows when working on THR.

Is this a known issue? is there any way to address this?

Thanks in advance,


16GB should be enough RAM. That project isn’t terribly large either. What kind of CPU do you have? What’s your Display Resolution?

I’d say open the Task Manager to see what your numbers are.

Does it happen with other hrp files or just the one? Try someone else’s hrp or an older backup and see if the issue is still there.

My project file is over 10MB (mostly because of images) and I never have issues. As my project grew, I noticed it getting slightly slower during the initial startup but no problems after that.

Definitely check the task manager. On some days my cpu is pegged at 99% upon boot for up to 15 minutes. Microsoft has too many background tasks, from peer to peer updates, malware scans, the list goes on…One day I will attempt to disable most of it.