Device Attribute Values in HTTP Commands

My Android TV communicates well with The Home Remote on any device (tablet, phone). I can control it with THR, and the TV’s status and most attribute values show up in THR. All this is true as long as I am in the house (same wifi network?). Once I leave the house, the TV tile goes gray with no updated info on it. Every other device is controllable and updates its status via the internet, but I can’t check on the TV remotely.
Can I be doing something incorrectly?
If this is how it’s supposed to be, is there a way to send the values of the TV various attributes in http commands?
I’m thinking, for example, to send the volume value in “”, to set the designated variable on my Sequematic account, which then I can access anywhere.

Home remote works only in local network.

Szia Zoli, but I can see the status of and can control all my lights, thermostat and other devices just fine in THR from anywhere. i can’t figure out how my TV (a Chromecast device, as far as The Home remote is concerned) is different.

The Home Remote’s Google Cast integration only supports local connectivity. You will not be able to control those devices when you are away from home. Every Home Remote integration is different. Some support both local & remote connections. Some are only local & some are only remote/internet. It really depends on the APIs available to us. It’s not usually us that dictates whether the 3rd party APIs are cloud accessible. Most AV integrations like TVs & speakers tend to be local control only.

Thank you, makes sense.
Is it possible to trigger an http command that carries the value of, for example, AudioTrackData.Title, which then will set a variable on a cloud service, which in turn is accessible on the internet anywhere? Kind of like how an IFTTT http command can a control certain local device, only the other way around. The device attribute is written into an http command to set a cloud variable. If the command “[] sets my Sequematic variable Title to “HULK”, can “Hulk” be substituted with MainTV.AudioTrackData.Title to export the Google Cast data to the cloud thus making it accessible from anywhere?

I think its currently not possible in HR. You can send HTTP request from HR using plugins, but i think there’s no way to dynamically fill your HTTP call’s “Title” variable with the actual AudiotrackData value.
You can send HTTP requests from HR, with static arguments that are sent upon a single button press or some other control interaction.

I dont know this for 100 percent, so maybe Bill will correct my comment.


I am a little bit surprised that you have many devices available from anywhere in HR.
You are either very lucky with brand selection, or your home wifi network has limitless range :slight_smile:

I am saying this becuase i have approx. 80 devices of 5 different brands in my home, but only thing i can see in HR remotely is my Weather data. (becuase its a plugin that access data through the internet).