Device Browser does not work on my tablet

I have created a new page with a Device Browser where I have placed a number of devices from Fibaro HC3.
When I in Designer click on the devices, everything works as it should, lights are on or off.

But when I export the hrp file to my Tablet and click on the devices, it does not work as in Designer.
When I click on a device, the light comes on, but then the status window for the device also opens, which I have to close manually.
The button behaves as if I had clicked on the three dots in the upper right corner, which I have not done.

But the strangest thing is that I can not turn off the light, because then only the device status window opens. It behaves as if the function with the three dots covers the entire device button (which they do not).

So, what’s wrong? It works flawlessly in Designer.

Device browser Fibaro HC3 button pressed

Can you please email me your project? I don’t need to actually connect so feel free to clear or change IP addresses & credentials. Email it to

It works fine for me. Do you have the latest iOS app installed?

The latest is 4.1.4. You’ve got the Settings page hidden in the app so I don’t know how exactly you’re verifying this. And from what I can see you aren’t displaying “App.Version” anywhere either. It’s probably a bit tough for you to tell me what version you’re actually running.

I’m 99.9% this is a versioning issue. While it’s always recommended your Designer & App versions match, for this latest update in particular, it’s almost required. Uninstall-reinstall the app & it should grab the latest update. I’m not sure why that didn’t happen automatically but based on your reported behavior it sounds like you are still running 3.X.Y.

Thanks Bill, now it works. An update of the app was what was needed.
That I have hidden all the “unnecessary” information is because I do not need it and I want a clean and nice interface.
And I’ll be more observant of updates in the future :slight_smile: