Device Browser Not Working For Me

I can’t seem to get the Device Browser to work every time - and when it doesn’t work, the box is just empty. Is there any way to enable framework-level debugging?

I created a project, imported HomeSeer and have my two lights. I’m able to access the lights directly, that is with labels displaying their values. I created a Group, added the two lights and created a Device Browser and set it to my Group of Lights.

Sometimes the HSStatusSwitchTile.xaml is displayed by the Device Browser and sometimes it isn’t. I’m not sure what I may have changed to alter the behaviour.

I’m actually working on the GoogleNestThermostat Plugin and was trying to get that to display in Device Browser, but thinking I might be doing something wrong with the Plugin, I switched to the HomeSeer Light.

Is there a specific FAQ about the Device Browser which describes common issues and their solution?

Thanks /keith

For each device within the designated group, the device browser will load up 1 copy of whatever “TileTemplate” is associated with the device.
Filling a Device Browser is a dynamic action, so it fills based on the information it has at runtime. If you’re getting inconsistent results it could be a timing issue of some kind.

If you want to email me your project I’d be happy to look at it tomorrow to see what’s causing your issue. Just clear out any personal info you do not wish to share. Sounds like more of a layout issue so I shouldn’t need to connect to any of your devices. Send it to

For what you are trying to do, you shouldn’t use a device binding on the Group property. You should be using ChathmamLights not {Binding ChathmamLights}. One thing that can help prevent errors like this is, when available, use the dropdown selections. For the issue here you would have found the ChathmamLights was not in the Device Binding dropdown but was in the Value dropdown.

Thank you :blush: I did it right at least once, my bad.
I’ll fix this tonight

Update: Worked Perfectly. Thank you Bill :smiley:

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