Device browser scrolling horizontally

I am building a page to display the weather forecast in 4 hour steps the next 48 hours.
Just now each hourly forecast is a device. I would like a horizontal design sliding the line of forecasts by my finger.
The device browser scrolls vertically when the screen overflows.
Is it possible to scroll horizontally.


Not with that control alone but this is something I can add to a future release. I’ve already started creating the 3.18.0 builds now so it’s not going to make it into that update. Maybe the following though.

For the time being there is a work-around though. Assign a fixed Width & Height to your DeviceBrowser & then place it inside a ScrollViewer. For the ScrollViewer, Disable VerticalScrollBarVisibility & set HorizontalScrollBarVisibility to either Visible or Hidden. Be sure to set a very large Width on the DeviceBrowser or else the scrolling won’t activate.

Thanks for the answer.
The solution was more or less as I thought - and tried - without success.
My error - and stumbling block ( which you helped me to climb and reach the good side :slight_smile: ) was using a a device browser which had a stretchable height.
Today I finally succeeded making a test project getting what I wanted.
Of course I found some new stumbling blocks, but I imanaged to climb them.
The solution you gave is sactifsactory for me



I’m doing the same - is this workaround still the best solution?


Yes. For the time being.

I’m looking to do the same, but I seem to be have issues with error messages.
I want to have some devices placed in a bottom row that I can drag my finger across to scroll to them.

You need to place the DeviceBrowser inside the ScrollViewer. Your DeviceBrowser is on top of it. Your outline should look like this: