Device Connection Order During Wakeup

Is there any order with how the various devices “connect” to HR when the app loads or comes back from being asleep? Reason I ask is that lately I am noticing that during wakeup, some data populates rather quickly and then everything seems to hang for a few seconds (~5), then the remainder of the page populates with data. During this lag, I am seeing where DirecTV, Yamaha Receiver are neither on showing power status, then both seem to update at the same time. It nearly seems like HR is waiting for one of the devices to connect before it moves on to the remaining devices. Not asking for anything to be fixed as I am not sure anything is broke, just trying to understand if connection order is anything we can control or if it is just random.

There isn’t any order. Each device connects on its own thread & those are started at the same time. It’s just a coincidence.