Devices all Unknown

My SmartThings integration stopped working today. I tried creating a new project, a new token and all devices synchronize ok but all devices state an “unknown” for status. I can still control the devices but stats of any sensors, switches, thermostats, etc just say unknown. Not sure where to start looking? Appreciate any advice.

I just started seeing this too. I’m getting a 403 Forbidden error when I try to subscribe to the event stream. I’ll update the integration so it can use polling when the Event stream isn’t available. I hope this isn’t permanent.


I have the same problem. My devices synchronise correctly too but status in the THR are not updating.

Same problem here. B

Any information from smartthings on if they changed something permanently or if they are just having an issue on there end?

I have become so dependent on my dashboard tablets that I have around the house. I hope it is just an issue on there end that they will resolve.

I’m just as dependent Matt. This morning my kids and wife didn’t know what to do. I also opened a support case with SmartThings but no response since it was submitted around 2pm PT yesterday.

Fix is in the new 3.10.0 update which is available to download now from all of the app stores. This version adds polling in addition to listening to the event stream. Should they fix the event stream issue, it will automatically switch back to using that. I will contact them to see if that option is no longer supported.

Thank you very much Bill.

Thank you. Everything is right with the world again.

. Hi bill.

I’ve updated the app but now, when I use the physical switch, the status doesn’t change in the app. Should I do something more?

Hi Gustavo, I’d assume with polling it only does so on time intervals. It was roughly a 10 sec delay for my devices to update with a status change. Hopefully the event streaming will come back from Smarthings so it’s more real time.

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If a device is loaded on the screen, it’ll poll it every 30 seconds. That means it could take anywhere from 0-30 seconds for you to see the change after physically turning on a switch. Depends on where it was at in the polling cycle when you flipped on the switch.

I’m trying to stay within their rate limits although I’m not 100% certain what they are. 30 seemed like a “safe” number that would perform reasonably well. I can try taking that down a notch to poll a little more frequently. As a quick test I took it down to 10 seconds & it didn’t complain. I’ll need to do some more testing though.

Bill any word from smartthings about the event stream?

I haven’t heard back from them yet but I just tested it & the event stream appears to be working again! Can you guys try in your projects?

Actually mine is working with events now. I had to restart the application on my tablets, but updates are fast now. Thanks

After I originally had this issue with SmartThings very much appreciated how quickly Bill helped us out. But when it did happen I went ahead and bought a Hubitat. It was easy to get everything re-connected and if you want fast updates that is the way to go!


After having the app open for awhile it appears that is has reverted back to polling. Before you applied the polling feature every once in awhile the subscriptions would go stale and you set it up to re-subscribe. Maybe that is happening and it is reverting to polling? I have no clue, just guessing.

No. That code is still in there. I just stepped through it on my machine & it’ll re-subscribe every 15 minutes just like before. Only if it fails to re-subscribe, then it’ll revert to polling. It won’t attempt to re-subscribe again until you open the app again. At that point it’ll assume the service is down

I haven’t heard back from them. I only checked it this morning because of your message. They could still be working on this. Perhaps it was down for a little while today. During development that’s a very good possibility. Give it another day or 2 before you sit down & watch this too closely.