Devices - openLuup

So I’m using the “Vera” device workaround from their forum to see my openLuup devices in HR. The strange thing is that it won’t display any of the lights. I see my zwave door sensors, leak sensors or any virtual devices I’ve previously created. Any of the plugins that I use in AltUI show up (Reactor, etc). But no lights, either on/off or dimmers.

The Home Remote uses the category field in the JSON to determine the device type & whether or not they are supported. Lights & Switches should either have a category of 2 or 3, my guess is that your devices are not using these values.

Can you please look up their category for me? Can you share the JSON for one of these missing devices? If the category hasn’t been set, maybe there’s another field I can use to help generate the objects.

Use this URL to get the JSON data.

Here is the JSON for one of my dimmable lights:

  "name": "Living Room Light",
  "altid": "18",
  "id": 67,
  "category": 2,
  "subcategory": 0,
  "room": 1,
  "parent": 1,
  "status": "0",
  "level": "0",
  "commFailure": "0"

Yes, that was it. The categories were all 0. I changed a couple and they appeared when I synced HR.