Difference between Image Button and Toggle Switch

Good Morning,
presently I fight with an Image Button. I want to start two Fibaro scenes with an Image button. One scene with the status on and the other with the status off. I tried it with a Toggle switch and it runs. But with the Image button nothing happens. In both I used the same Data and Event triggers. Is there a difference between both of the controls?
Has someone an idea?


Make sure image button is a toggle vs normal.

the image button is alrerady marked as toggle - right?

Yes, can you post your project after stripping your credentials?

I’m not sure how you plan on using toggles with scenes. You need DataTriggers that will update the IsChecked state on the control. I suppose you could have a light or switch that is directly associated with the scene drive the IsChecked state. Please watch Brian’s YouTube video on Data Triggers & Toggle Switches. What you need to validate first is that your Toggle flips back & forth correctly when the state changes from another source, not you clicking it.

Scenes are stateless. If you bind a Scene to a Label you’ll probably see an empty string. Your DataTriggers will not work with stateless attributes.