Disable state on devices

Hi, i want to know if it is possible to disable the on/off state of a device and make it only show that the command was sent.

What system are you using?..For HomeSeer that would be device status tracking and that’s what you choose.
Am sure other systems have the same…I may be wrong though!

I am using IR devices that are from smartlife linked to smartthings. And for example, my tv, has the same IR code to turn off and to turn on, so i don’t want to show if the device is on or off in the app.

Over to @bill
I think you can edit those devices…

I solved it by making an scene in smartthings to send the ir command, then in remote home app i added it to my room and now it doesn’t show the state of the device.

What kind of TV is that? If you’re training the IR commands by a remote, I could imagine it being a power toggle type but, I found quite often, getting your IR codes from a database of some sort, there will be discreet On and Off codes.

Sometimes you can say the same for source inputs.

If possible avoid IR toggles.

I’m using a tuya universal IR blaster. When you add it to smartthings it converts in a switch. But i’ve solved it by making it a scene.