Disable the Android visual feedback on buttons?

Getting into the nuts and bolts of my remote setup and it’s looking good.
However, being a UI/UX design guy I like the fact I can change the button images based on the status (clicked/pressed). Testing out some of these two-state buttons I noticed on my Android tablet that it always shows button feedback when pressed (an expanding grey box which fills the button area).

Not only does this look awful but in some cases it does not match the button image and layout I have - I don’t want the feedback exposing the underlying structure.

So, is there any way at all to disable the Android visual feedback??

Thanks in advance!

Just bumping this to see if anyone has any ideas…


I no longer use android so not sure how much help this is, but have you tried using images instead of buttons?

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I haven’t yet - thanks for the tip.
I’ll setup a few tests with images and see if the animation effect appears or not. Asides that I wonder if I’ll lose the functionality versus using buttons (toggle, repeats, etc).

I’ll give it a go regardless and let you know. Thanks!

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I tried creating an Image Button and set it up in the same way as one of my existing normal buttons. When testing, it does not trigger the android ripple animation! :sunglasses:
Functionally, it seems to behave exactly the same as a normal (icon) button too.

The only downside is there seems to be no way of simply toggling a button between using icons or images - you have to create a new Image Button and set it up again. This means I’ve got a lot of work ahead to duplicate my existing buttons (hundreds).

This method does work though, so thanks for the suggestion! :+1:

*EDIT: Just to clarify the fix here - ‘Images’ will not work, as they lack any button functionality. Using ‘Image Button’ instead of a normal button disables the android ripple anim.