Door Locks Not Updating Correctly

Recently I have noticed that when I either unlock or lock a a z wave lock connected to my Vera through HR, HR doesnt update the state of the lock correctly. The only way for it to reflect the new state of the door is to close and open the app again. While HR shows the incorrect state I have checked the Sdata of my Vera and it shows the door as the correct state, its just that HR is not updating correctly.

Steps to re-create:

  1. Unlock or lock a door
  2. Leave HR open
  3. Confirm the state of lock in the Sdata
  4. Comparing with HR it will show the state incorrectly until the app is re-opened

I tested this thoroughly the other day & it works perfectly for my Kwikset ZWave lock. Are you sure you have the latest firmware installed?

My VeraLite is running version 1.7.1040 & that appears to be the latest.

The other individual that was having similar issues was running version 1.5. Please check to see what you are running.

Yeaup I am running the latest FW for my Vera Plus 1.7.5186 (7.31)

Would you mind sending me your credentials so I can connect & troubleshoot? Private message or email me them. Feel free to create a temporary password that you can reset once I am finished.

First thing I forgot to ask, are you sure this isn’t just an issue in your project?

Try resetting the Home Remote apps & add Vera directly to it. Or create a new project in the Designer & just use the default templates. Don’t create or modify any XAML files.

Tested with a brand new project and had the same issue. PMing you