Elite Screens Not Working with Home Remote

I have an older Elite Screens but works fine with iRule. Trying to get it to work with Home Remote. I’ve updated the codeset based on some info I found on Elite Screens website as follows:

I then added a button and added an Event Trigger to that calling “EliteScreensAux” on ID 2:3, 1993 which matches the 3rd IR Out connection on my GC-100-6. I have the proper IP Address and ensured no other apps were connected.

I’ve done some packet captures and can see the packets sending the IR Code from my test machine to the GC-100. Any recommendations on how to test or troubleshoot further? Maybe I got a bogus code set?

Thank you,

I went into my old iRule Builder and was able to pull the codes from there. Forgot all about that until now. Here’s my codes in case anyone else needs them for an older Elite Screens with the 3-way wall controller and IR.


Note: For some reason the built-in codes didn’t work and I tried to pull codes from the IRDB.globalcache.com site but they never sent the codes to me. Apparently, that can take a while (i.e hours?).

Happy Designing!

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