Energy Monitor Plugin

Hi. Some of you might have seen me posting about trying to integrate my Smart Energy Meter (via SmartThings) into THR. The problem I had was that the SmartThings device only exposes one attribute - the current meter reading… and that the SmartThings Energy Monitoring Service that sits in the cloud doesn’t export the data, so you can only view the lovely graphs and charts on your SmartPhone, and not onto a Web Page, or an API into THR.

So I had to build the functionality into a THR Plugin.

Now, before we get too excited, there are drawbacks… the most obvious of which is that although the Plugin can warehouse the data (to an extent) to be able to provide a historical view of energy usage, the data is not persistent, and nor is it mined when the App is not running.

So this approach is only potentially useful for people using THR to install permanently mounted tablets that are always on… (like me!) :slight_smile:

Anyway, this is what we can now achieve… let me know if this is interesting or useful for anyone else.

You could use a web server to store the values in an array (using a small server) and they could then be recalled (and trended over a longer period)


Hey John… yep, absolutely… was thinking about using an always-on Raspberry Pi or something… but as I said, for my needs on always-on tablets on the walls in the house, what I have is ok just in THR… the only thing I might do is extend the data set because at the moment its taking 5 minute updates for an hour… I might extend that to hour hours, or maybe more…