Error on some Android devices

My Home Remote project shows an error (Error ( Please close the app & try opening the file again) on 2 of my 3 android devices.After I click Ok the App tries to open, but the blue circle keeps turning until I force the app to close.
The working version is on Android 6, the non working on Android 5 and 9, Restarted both devices, but the problem is still there. Does anyone know what this error means and how to get my project working again on all devices? On Windows there’s no issue btw.

My project can be found here:


I just tried your project on my old Fire & Nexus 10 devices, both of which are running Android 5.1, & it loaded fine. I do see that your project is using the “Rotation Lock” setting & I believe that has caused problems for a few users in the past. Try unchecking that setting & see if that helps.


Thanks for the suggestion Bill, but unfortunately the problem is still there. It happened after adding a new page (TVBar), so I will try tomorrow if removing the page make things working again.

Update: That didn’t work.
Things got worse: Now my last Android device refuses to load my file with a new error
What to do now? Anyone?

Found the cause! I used Landrive, a Samba client to open the hrp file. If I copy the file to the Android downloads folder and open it from there all is fine. Phew, now all my Android devices are happy to work with my project again.

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