Event Triggers only work in simulation

I have Event Triggers with multiple DataActions that fail to complete (if more than 1) in production. They work perfectly in simulation mode, but hang after publishing.

For example, I have a button click that has an Event Trigger, with 3 actions that simulate pressing a somfy decora wall switch hooked up by a IP2CC.

Action 1 - Open state (set state as 1)
Action 2 - Delay of 3 seconds
Action 3 - Close state (set state as 0)

Work flawlessly in simulation on my laptop, but the contact closure stays open in production (on my tablet).

In another Event Trigger, I have multiple Actions that turn on AVR, and projector. However, only the AVR turns on. Again works in simulation mode, not in production.

Any help is appreciated.

Thank you

Works fine for me & I tested on both Android & iOS. You should be using @Device.Switch with values of On & Off, not 1 and 0. Your delay should also be 3000 if you want a 3 second delay. Those are in milliseconds.

Attached is an example showing you how to do this.
Relay_EventTriggers.hrp (3.7 KB)