eWeLink Support

Bom dia!

E possível acrescentar suporte aos apps ewelink é broadlink?



There’s already a Broadlink request in the forum. You can vote for it here.

I went ahead & renamed the title of your post to simply “eWeLink Support”. There haven’t been any requests submitted for that yet.

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Solicitando suporte para ewelink, por favor!!!

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I would like to vote for ewelink support

I just wanted to give everyone a status update. I started working on eWeLink / Sonoff support a few days ago. It’s looking like I should have it completed by next week for the 3.8.0 release.


It will be great, EweLink is no longer supported by IFTTT…:frowning:

eWeLink support has been added. If you are an Android user, download the update. There was a bug in the Android release that was posted last Friday.

Fantastic, Thank you

Hi bill, thanks ! but i didn’t find a designer update ? no ewelink inside ?

Depending on where you originally downloaded the Designer, you may have to uninstall/reinstall it to get the latest version. Here’s the latest=>

I Will check it, because i downloaled from Microsoft store

I haven’t really been keeping up with that one. The review & processing times for that are really slow & sometimes take a week. So the past couple I’ve just been uploading to thehomeremote.com

It’s working Great ! Thanks !

Hello, is there a way to see the smart scenes from eWeLink to HomeRemote? I can see only the devices

No. eWelink scenes are not supported at this time.