eWelink Zigbee Bridge

I received an eWelink Zigbee Bridge today and 7 sensors. This is the result:

  1. motion sensor. Works. Takes a few seconds to update Home Remote and then lasts ~45 seconds with no one there. eWelink app has exact time of movement(s) but I don’t know if that is made available externally.
  2. temperature and humidity sensor. Works.
  3. button sensor. Does not connect to HR.
  4. door sensor: can’t even connect it to eWelink. Think it is broken.
    Those are the eWelink own brand sensors. I also tried:
  5. Smart Life Leak Sensor. Works. The eWelink app thinks it is a door and open/closed are the wrong way round, but…
  6. Xiaomi Light sensor: can’t connect to eWelink even though both use Zigbee 3.0 protocol.
  7. Aqara vibration sensor: can’t connect to eWelink even though both use Zigbee protocol.

So, the hub works and so do eWelink’s own temp, activity and probably door sensors. Non eWelink sensors working is a bit more hit and miss even though they all use the Zigbee protocol and are advertised as having it. Whether the button would be useful depends on what information is made available outside. The eWelink App has a time and three button types (single, double and long). If HR can know which of the button times was used last and the time I can see that as being useful.

As an aside: the Zigbee bridge does not have a local mode and needs a cloud. I think this is probably a mistake and I may look into flashing the firmware.

Edited to add: the door sensor (really a leak sensor) works really quickly. Quicker than the motion one which has a short delay and a variable ‘active’ duration. Might be eWelink but it f not I’d use the code for the door sensor type for activity too. It’s only a fraction of a second to appear and shut.