"Failed to stop" toast message since latest update

I have a kodi plugin called “theaterkodi” that I keep getting toast messages that say “failed to stop theaterkodi” since the latest update. This is a plugin that is rarely used. Is there something I need to be doing with the plugin in order to avoid it failing to stop?

I’ve seen this too although I don’t actually have a page with kodi on my remote just the plug-in. Is it based on my plug-in? There are some breaking changes to kodi 19 so be aware.

My guess is that the socket.close() call in “onDisconnect” is causing this. Currently that will sit & wait for the disconnect to complete & there’s no way to apply a timeout. All internal HR integrations apply a 1 second timeout to WebSocket “close” calls because there will be times it can’t complete. For example, when the network adapter status changes during awake to sleep, etc. I went ahead & made a change for the 4.2.1 release so that the same 1 second timeout will be applied to Plugin use of WebSocket “close”. For the time being you could probably comment that line of code out to avoid seeing that error. When 4.2.1 is released, be sure to add the line back in.

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I commented out that line but it did not stop the toast message. Can I use the hasSubscribers function for onConnect?

I restarted the appliance running Kodi and it looks like the message has stopped, so it seems it was unrelated to HR.