Fansync Fanimation support

Wondering if it’d be possible to add Fansync Fanimation support to Home Remote? This is an app that turns on and adjusts ceiling fans/lights.

Google Home supports it currently, but somehow it lost the ability to change the fan speed. Which is kind of the point for having a remote for a fan!

Do they have an open API?
Otherwise, perhaps you can control the fan via the Home Remote Alexa implementation?

I searched for an open API but couldn’t find anything. The company does advertise how they integrate with all the major groups:

I just added the fansync skill to Alexa, and it is more functional than the Google Home integration, as it allows for fan speed adjustments!

However, the only Alexa integration I can see on the Home Remote Android app is “Alexa Voice Service.” Is there a different one that allows adding specific Alexa-connected devices that can be placed as icons?

I don’t know. But i have a smart things hub you can have for free if you’re willing to pay for shipping. Message me offline if you’re interested.