Fibaro do not update modules and szenes

I am a new member here in this forum and hope some of you can help me. I have added in the Home Remote Designer my Fibaro HC2 in the devices, but some of the modules and scenes are not importet. I can neither find the name nor the ID. Also after a new synchronisation this element do not appear. To check it I have created a new module as well as a new scene in my HC2, synchronised it and the new elements are shown in the Designer. But not the missing ones.
Do I something wrong?

Try using your “admin” account when adding Fibaro. In another thread we found that the HC3 wouldn’t work with scenes when using a non-admin account. I wonder if that may be the same issue you are having with your HC2. The Designer does not filter out scenes it should import all that are available.

For devices not imported, again as with scenes, try using an “admin” account first. See if that fixes your issue. There is a possibility it won’t. Unlike scenes, the Designer does actually filter out some devices. It’ll only automatically import devices it knows how to handle & has prebuilt templates for. What you can do is copy-and-paste an existing device object & update it. Just set the Id on the object & any other properties needed.

Hi Bill,
thank you for the answer. The tip with the admin account didn’t run, but to copy-and-paste an existing device object & update it runs quite well.