Fibaro HC3 Lite

HI There,

Got a question. I have managed to set up Coolautomation into Fibaro HCL3 through a plugin. I connect Fibaro to Home remote with no issues.
Problem is when i sync devices, my Coolautomation does not appear. This is used to control several aircon ducted units.

It picks up YR Weather when i sync devices.

It works fine through Fibaro. Any ideas?

Thanks so much!

The Home Remote will automatically sync types that it has templates for & knows how to control. Some plugins are based off of custom types & therefor do not sync automatically. What you can do is copy-paste an existing device object & then edit the Id to map to your component. You can either then try to reuse an existing XAML template or create a new template for your devices.

I’m a bit confused… still learning sorry! Do you mean write a new XAML template? Could you help me out with it if you can