Fibaro HC3 Quick Apps

I now have a Fibaro HC3 Quick App for my Tuya Ceiling fan, plus I can control it locally instead of over the cloud, which is a big plus.

I have seen other discussions on this subject but I’m struggling to understand how to get this to work. I can only see the fan’s power on/off in HR but I cannot see any of the other fan’s options.

I do understand that I can send a command like this ( and turn the light on/off but I don’t know how to get the variables and set them up to tell me that the light is on or off, and I have no idea how to set up I slider for the fan speed or dimming the light.

If someone could just give me an example of how to turn the lights on and off and dim the light with the status update I’m sure I could do the rest. Any help would be very much appreciated

Hi Colin, did you ever get this working? I’m trying to operate a Tuya ceiling fan with our HC3 as well.

Hi Adam, Yes I did I had a quick app made for me, and I could send it to you but you would need to modify it, I’m happy to show you how if you need me to.

Hi Colin, I would be very grateful if you would send it to me. Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi Adam, I’ll find all I have and send it to you.

That would be amazing, thank you :slight_smile:

Hi Adam, Give me your email address and I’ll send you the file. Install it in the Fibaro HC3 Quick Apps, and once installed, in the Variables settings in the Quick App add the IP address for the Fan.

Hi Colin,

Thanks for doing that. Please send to

Thanks again, really appreciate it.

Hi Adam, with reference to your email and the problem you’re having.

( I have tested it and unfortunately, it’s crashing when I click ‘connect’.

[28.09.2023] [11:30:22] [TRACE] [QUICKAPP653]: UIEvent: {“eventType”:“onReleased”,“deviceId”:653,“values”:[],“elementName”:“buttonCON”}[28.09.2023] [11:30:22] [ERROR] [QUICKAPP653]: QuickApp crashed[28.09.2023]

[11:30:22] [ERROR] [QUICKAPP653]: main.lua:258: attempt to index a nil value (global ‘resp’)

[28.09.2023] [11:32:01] [DEBUG] [QUICKAPP653]: onInit[28.09.2023]

[11:32:01] [ERROR] [QUICKAPP653]: QuickApp crashed[28.09.2023]

[11:32:01] [ERROR] [QUICKAPP653]: main.lua:258: attempt to index a nil value (global ‘resp’) )

Have you set up the Fan with the Smart Life app or the Tuya app on your phone?
I think it does need that setup to have communication with their servers. It may be able to work locally I’m not sure.