Fibaro/ POPP rain sensor

Hello there,
I am completely new to HR so maybe this questions has been answered yet, but unfortunatelly I couldn’t find anywhere.

I am trying to use my POPP rain sensor (integrated into Fibaro HC3) in HR, but for some reasong I can’t get data into HR…

In FIbaro i am accessing rian sensor by its value attribute, so thats what i have tried in HR also, but it shows nothing…

As there’s no template direclty for rains sensors, i have tried to use many different types, like
RainGauge, or genereic sensor, or even tried to create my own tile for it, but as I am new here, i probably missed something.

Theres no tutorial outthere about implementing a device what has no prebuilt templates in HR.

I dont know if its even possible…

Can someone help me through the basics, how to add a Device to HR and how to determine what attributes,properties it has, and how to get them into HR ?

Many thanks ahead

You can use the generic FibaroDeviceTile.xaml template. Assign that file to the TileTemplate on your POPP device object. It displays the “value” attribute in the bottom left corner.

Thanks Bill

Is there a way to somehow compare the value to a number in DataTrigger?

Like >0 and < 15, so if the value is between 10 and 15 do something…

With regular expression this is not achievable…

Yes. This post should help you with that.

Unfortunatelly this link doesnt work

on the other hand, even if it worked, i assume that it handles only integers…
I need to monitor temperature and rain amount, and all those values are represented as floating numbers

There are more numeric regex range generators on the web that you can try.