Find all possible Values for a Binding

How do you find all possible values for all bindings for a given device ?

The device “LG WebOS TV” has lots of possible bindings. Each binding can have lots of possible values. How do you find them all? Are they documented anywhere?


For example, I want to the command for “up” on the up/down/left/right/enter directional pad of the original remote. How can I figure out which of these bindings to use and what the possible values are?

It depends on the Capability. 1st, check the Capabilities page in the docs for the Capability in question. Capabilities like Switch & Mute will always have the same set of possible values: On/Off for Switch, Muted/Unmuted for Mute.

Some Capabilities have a dynamic set of possible values. For Capabilities like MediaControl & InputSource it’s best to bind the attributes SupportedMediaCommands & SupportedInputSources to a GridView & scroll through all of the options. You will find that DirectionUp, DirectionDown, DirectionRight, DirectLeft, & Select are the values you are looking for.

LGTV_SupportedMediaCommands.hrp (81.3 KB)

I downloaded the HRP you made, but when I run it, it does not display the possible commands like as shown in the image you posted.

Is that because I need to re-add the “LG WebOS TV” device so that it will “find” my LG tv over the network, which, in turn, leads to a prompt on the tv asking for permission to let the app control the tv?

Update the properties on the LgSmartTv source to match yours. Or copy that GridView control into your project.

I copied all the details from my working project into the HRP you posted in this thread. But it still doesn’t work for me. And the funny thing is, my “outline” is completely empty.

There was probably no need for me to obscure connection details, but security paranoia is a harsh mistress.

Open “Page1.xaml”. You’re currently viewing the “Home” group page. Click the menu button on the top left & select the “Title” menu item.