From Home Assistant, dimmers show as switches

Is it possible to make a switch a dimmer light?

I have a few Dimmer’s from my Home Assistant and they all show as switches (on/off).

Under Properties, I changed the Capabilities to ‘Dimmer’ and selected the appropriate Tile and Details templates however, I get an error, “Invalid variable, Light.Level.Value”. Any ideas how to make Home Remote see it as a dimmer?


Add SwitchLevel to the device capabilities. It sounds like Home Assistant is no longer using SUPPORT_BRIGHTNESS flag to indicate whether a switch includes dimming control. The Home Remote uses that flag to automatically add the capability. For the time being, you’ll need to manually add it.

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Thanks! Not sure how I missed that article but thanks for linking it. It worked like a charm!

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Hi Bill, how can manually add capability to a device ?

Thanks !

Hi Christian,
go to your device folder - select a device and add the capability by typing in the capabilities field.