Geeni application support

Thank you for Home Remote. The smart home folks seem to have forgotten about the PC.
I use Home Remote and it’s great. I’d like to request support for the Geeni application. This supports Merkury hardware that’s sold in Wal-Mart. I have a couple of smart plugs and they’ve been pretty solid. Thanks

According to the link below it looks like Geeni products might be compatible with the Tuya platform.

So once the Home Remote supports Tuya it should also support your Greeni products. I don’t see much in terms of a direct API for Greeni so a Tuya / Smart Life integration will probably happen sooner. You may want to vote for that Feature Request as well.

@dwoody I also have geeni products and the geeni app is definitely just another version of the tuya app. So I removed all my products from geeni and moved it to tuya. Once its available in Home Remote I don’t have to start over even though I believe the api allows you to choose which app your using but I will leave that to the head genius here Bil Venhaus. :slight_smile: