Getting started, a few questions on how to setup and use


I’m starting my journey using The Home Remote, coming from HSTouch, and have a few questions:

  1. To download the designer, it took me to the Microsoft Store. I read another thread that that wasn’t recommended, is that still the case?

  2. Using the designer to publish: The “Quick Publish” button is grayed out, how do I set a publish location? And when I try the “Portable Device” publish button, the pop up screen is has a blank list box and grayed out “OK” button.

  3. Opening the *.hrp files on the tablet: Using Google Drive, the tablet gives me an error that it doesn’t recognize the file. (Android 7.0). I saw the thread about using Gmail, and that allows me to open the *.hrp file, but it doesn’t seem to always work. I can’t get the latest version of the file with the horizontal blocks to load, it keeps opening the previous version with only the vertical blocks. I’ve cleared the data and cache on the tablet. I’ve renamed the file. I’ve rebooted the tablet, not sure what else I can do?

  4. I’m testing on a Asus ZenPad 8.0. The specs say it’s 1280 x 800 screen (as far as I can see). When I setup the designer to that resolution and export, it doesn’t match. (I made 100 x 100 colored blocks for testing and it’s coming out closer to 600 x 1000) Is there something I’m missing here?

  5. Is there still no good way to get custom fonts on Android?

Thanks for your help!

Note: once I’m able to upload attachments, I can add the file.

  1. Sounds like you were using the link under “The Apps”. For the Designer, use the link under “The Designer”. The latest Designer version is

  2. You 1st have to set a publish location before you can use Quick Publish. You also don’t have to use the Designer’s publish options. Many people just copy their files to Dropbox or some cloud storage provider. The HRP is a registered file extension for the app so you have many options when it comes to publishing projects. I often just email the file to myself & then open it through the Gmail app.

  3. Some Android devices/apps don’t handle custom file extensions too well. For the Google Drive app you might have to rename your extensions to ZIP. The Home Remote app is also registered to handle ZIP files on Android because of this issue with certain apps.

  4. Read this post.
    Can't understand new Height and Width settings - #2 by bill

For Android, trust me you will love FX File Explorer: the file manager with privacy
Right here :

And File Browser for iPAD could also work but I have not tested yet…
Right here :

I use FileBrowser and i works great. In just a few seconds, it published

  1. Thanks for the quick response! I reinstalled the software from that link, looks like I had to right version.

  2. I’d like to learn how to setup the publishing options. How do I setup a publish location?

  3. Noted for changing to .zip, thank you!

  4. That helps!

I still have the issue where the app on my tablet will not open the newest version of the file. I’ve emailed myself the newest version, cleared the data and cache in the app, opened the version in the email file, and it still opens a previous version. What can I do for this?

Thanks, I’ll look into this!

I’m not sure I could find this in the app store, is this it?

FileBrowser - Document Manager :

First off before you export your project file (if from an older version) rename it to {your choice file name} and end it the version then open it up with that version first, click save on the Tool Bar then if you we’re using FX File Explorer you would simply drag it from your desktop to the downloads folder on Android.
After that all you need to do is launch it when the HR app is already on your device. The app should then ask you for a one time purchase for your device (setting the App to Pro)

Thanks Eman, I didn’t see that FileBrowser was for Apple only!

I only have Android devices, so I’ll stick to the FX File Explorer.

As for the HRP files, I have only been using the designer. When I say version, I was meaning an update to that design file (HRP).

testing02.hrp (134.7 KB)

How the file looks on my Tablet:

How the file looks in the Designer:

What I see is related to the design dimensions. Images below, but the naming is not so critical if the file opens up and saved in that version …

Your Design :

My Design :

And Tips on how to create images :

It’s layers, Images floating on top of each other, then you save them in images folders before using them.

I changed the Simulator numbers to match the Design numbers, saved the file, and transferred it to the tablet again.

I still have the same issue where the design on the tablet is not matching what is in the designer.

For instance, the Navigation Menu should list “Home Button” and and “Page 1”, but on the tablet it says “Home 2” and “Title”. So I can’t get whatever I’m designing to open on the tablet.

And slight sidebar, will I have to create a new project/design for every different resolution tablet that I have?

I suggest you watch these videos before starting a project :

    4 . Create your own Dashboard with HomeRemote - Part 4 - YouTube

And yes every device has a different resolution. But am not so sure of your device’s resolution, can you check it out on the internet and look for Specs

Tip : Click on the search icon on the toolbar of this site and type Pages to see previous topics of anything want to do. The topics are just like a user manual with examples. Plus create a plan by writing down notes, rough work for reference and also use head phones (some videos are inaudible…)

Just a quick update.

It seems the problem I was having is related to some tablets not understanding the *.HRP file correctly.

I was able to open the HRP file the first time through the Gmail app, but each time I opened it after that, it didn’t work. I finally tried opening the file through the dropbox app and it’s been working now!

So… odd issues with opening the file, try different apps. (Oh and the FX FIle Explorer didn’t work for me for this, but I’ve used it in the past for different reasons and do like that app!)

And thanks for the links Eman, using the grids for the responsive design is awesome.

Eman, quick question.

I think I know the answer, but is there anyway to assign the HS Status Graphic to a ImageElement?

I think the answer is no, and I’ll have to read the HSValue of the device and then add all the graphics to the HRD image library and then link them there, right?

No, and yes you answered your own question.
What is easy is if you see someone who shares something you would like to add to your project, you open and copy whatever in the template and paste it in your project before you assign it with HS device properties (images are not included…) What this does is shorten the amount time you would have taken to create the templates.
A good example is the Doorbird template, Monoprice Multi Zone Audio (this one I have yet to test because it’s best installed in HomeSeer then borrow the template and attribute the devices the HS devices…So you can then both control the AMP from HomeSeer and Home Remote.
There are so many images in HStouch you can use in your project. And after all you will be adding them to HomeSeer devices…

You first add the properties then you align the images on top of each other just like in HStouch
In Home Remote you use IsVisible to show whatever you want. Entire Page and Device Browsers can be shown or hidden… You may excuse me, it’s been the long winded one but I hope more helps!..

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