Global Cache WF2SL

Anyone have an example of a Global Cache Wifi 2 Serial (WF2SL) working project they can share?

trying to get to work for LG OLED C2 for power off command since LG broke the connection over port 3000 in January.

I’ve never used a WF2SL, but I’m guessing it works just like the IP2SL once it’s attached to the network. My old Runco Projector plugin is a pretty simple one that I controlled through the IP2SL. It might be a helpful starting point.

I was able to use a TCP Client from the old V2 version of THR. Attached for LG ON and OFF discrete commands for proof of concept.

@bill, i noticed that TCP Client can’t be added in V3 like it was in V2. thoughts? Hopefully you can update the LG device.

Also, i needed to buy a null serial 9 pin adapter like: DB9 null modem male to female slimline data transfer serial port adapter 2 Pack : Electronics
this plugs in between the WF2SL and the serial cable.
serial cable: Qaoquda DB9 9 Pin Female to 3.5mm Male Plug Serial Cable RS232 to 1/8 inch Conversion Cable Cord- 6FT/1.8M : Electronics

one more note: the LG C2 has an “Always Ready” option. This option accepts the discrete Power ON.

WF2SL.hrp (3.8 KB)