Global home mode options (away, home, night, vacation)

I’m a newb with this particular project/app, but have a fair amount of programming experience in the Samsung IDE and Vera/LuuP/Lua communities.

I’m currently utilizing the below provider/devices in the app:

*Smartthings (door locks, lights, outlets, other misc)
*Philips Hue hub
*Honeywell Home
*Ring (alarm, cameras)

Without custom programming (and in the iOS app) – How would I go about selecting a home mode that would trigger specific automation between devices. For example, change the thermostat via Honeywell Home, close the garage via MyQ, move Ring alarm to away?

You can’t do this in the app alone. You’ll need to create a custom Button in the Designer. Then add a Data Setter Action for each of those commands. Perhaps a future release might be able to provide this in the apps themselves but right now you’ll need the Designer.

Your other option is to create a virtual Switch in SmartThings then use a service like IFTTT to execute those functions when the Switch is turned on. Then in the Home Remote all you have to worry about controlling is that virtual Switch.